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To make the next reunion in 2012 even better than the one in 2007, we need your feedback. What worked well? What didn't? Suggestions for next time for events or locations? What about the organization leading up to the event?

You can enter your feedback just below, and see what others have said, even further down.

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Here's what others have said:

21 October 2007: My God, what an outstanding job you guys did of arranging the reunion. I am more than willing to follow your leads in whatever you dream up for 35 years. As with some of the other comments below, I do not come for the food, acoustics, or service (although you did provide for a good go) - I'm there to see the buds I have not seen in 5 years, pretend I am much younger than I am for a couple of nights, swap lies and complain about how easy they rooks have it now - compared to when I was a rook. Bravo Zulu to the organizers. Bravo Zulu to the attendees.Friday dinner - great idea.Saturday Gym - not there for the dinner, price we pay for having fought the good fight. Besides, no matter what we do, we are probably going to the pub after - which is the highlight of the evening.75 per year - great idea - cheap at twice the price.Had an outstanding time - see you all at reunion. BTW - informal survey indicated that the Lasalle Animals had highest proportion attendance. Hmmm - maybe the beer? Doug Tudor

11 October 2007: Friday night was fun, well organized and arranged. Food was adequate. Thanks Stan, Shag and Dave! Saturday night at the pub was best of all! Agree with Stan the gymnasium was a bust but enjoyed the opportunity to get some class photos. Got some good ones, hope people share their good ones. Sunday brunch would be a good idea - just a general time and place for those who are still around. We had a great time and can hardly wait to see you all again. Wayne Russell

10 October 2007: First things first - hats off to Stan, Tim and Dave for all they did to make this a great reunion. BZ boys.Accn. It would be good to continue to reserve some rooms in a downtown hotel.Meet and Greet. It was successful. The time before and after was good for mingling. However, it was noisy and the sound system inadequate.Saturday Dinner. I enjoyed the Saturday dinner for a couple of reasons. More mingling with members of our class and importantly an opportunity to meet with members from other classes, specifically 72 and 82. If we go on our own we will lose that ability. From the eVeritas just sent out there seems to be a recognition by the Club that the Saturday night is broken and needs to be fixed. They have 4 more years to get it right. I am in favour of letting them work on it and hearing from 73/78, 74/79 and 75/80 before we make our decision. Would two years ahead still allow us to book something?Sunday Parade. Some of my best photos come from the parade. There were lots of smiles and an opportunity to pause and reflect on those who were no longer on parade, both in our class and the wider club. It was a good time for goodbyes and a luncheon after may fit the plans of many. There will always be those who need to get away earlier.Money. I agree Stan it would be good to start a regular contribution of $75 for each of the years leading up to the reunion.Hope these comments are helpful. Again thanks for your work on our behalf. Bob Parsons

10 October 2007: I wasn't sure if my $100 covered my wife or not and nobody else seemed to know. It's not a big thing, but that was a bit confusing. Other than that things were good. Having a bunch of round tables for the Friday function was good, instead of the RMC cafeteria style. That made it easy to circulate. Beer was good, but then it always is!

10 October 2007: I agree that the Friday event was well done. The food was adequate (not overly fancy, but then we weren't there to eat, were we). The ambiance was good. Maybe we should have a class photo next time.

8 October 2007: I was trying to find a list of all the events for the weekend. I couldn't find it on the RMC Club website. This sort of thing should be on our website, with more specific details about what our class is doing. Like I wasn't sure if we were getting together for the service at the arch on Sunday.

8 October 2007: I found that parking was difficult downtown at the Confederation Hotel where we the meet 'n' greet. Aside from that, the event was great.

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