40th Reunion 29 Sep–1 Oct 2017

The 40th Reunion of the Class of 77 (our best-attended ever!) took place in Kingston on the weekend of 29 Sep–1 Oct 2017 with these class-specific functions:

Class members also attended various non-class-specific events at RMC including the March to the Arch on Sunday morning.

These members of the class attended the reunion along with many spouses and partners:

Stan Benda, Ken Webb, David Hall, Wayne Russell, Ken Mislan, Don Corry, Scotty Miller, Joe Blondeel, Bob Martinell, Duane Boyer, Brian Neal, Pierre Rivard, Brian Clements, Tony MacDougall, Phil Morin, Ken Ellis, Tim Green, Grant Turnbull, Ray Richards, Dick Isabelle, Doug Tudor, Jim Waggott, Dan Trynchuk, Bob Testa, Mike Sweeney, Bill Judd, Ralph Hansen, Glenn Nordick, Bob Marshall, Chuck Garnier, Mike Watt, Bob Parsons, Mike Bass, Rob Adams, Erika Serek, King Jean, Terry Curley, Jim Peverley, Doug Southen, Neil Clegg, Arnie Abbott, Irish Hallihan, Mike Gauthier, Mike Hache, Bruce Robinson, Sean Murphy, Doug Erlandson, Paul Soulliere, Ken Zelenka, Graeme Ogilvie, Gord Thomson, Chris Shelley, George Birkas, Al Sarsons, Paul Specht, Mike Neelin, Ray Richardson, Bruce Campbell, Dave MacWilliam, Brian Leonard, Myron Czich, Bill Yee, Matt Klimasewski, Herm Harrison, Ike Hall, Russ Douglas

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Note that Doug (Shag) Southen has retired as the local arrangements guy (our man on the ground in Kingston). For the next reunion in 2022, Herm Harrison will take over... admittedly, not easy shoes to step into.

OK, so yes, there are photos from the weekend. Take a look... we have lots! If you have some photo that really covers something that these do not, please DO NOT EMAIL IT. Instead, contact Tim for details of how to upload it.

35th Reunion 28-30 September 2012

The 35th Reunion of the Class of 77 occurred in Kingstson on the weekend of 28,29,30 Sep 2012. A class-specific dinner took place on the Friday evening followed by a Thousand Islands cruise on the Saturday. Some class members took part in ohter more-general events at RMC related to Ex-Cadet Weekend.

The Class of 77 organizing committee values your feedback. You can see what others have said.

And yes, we have photos!

30th Reunion, 28-30 September 2007

Yes, the reunion was a great success... check out these items: