This page gives the news as it unfolds, including notice of things that have changed on this website and events concerning individual class members. The newest news is at the top.

15 May 2023: Correction: John Lockyer passed away in 2022. Details in the Memoriam section. []

15 May 2023: Updated to reflect the passing of John Lockyer in 2020. []

5 January 2023: Updates to reflect the passing of John Pronovost 3 Jan. More to follow. []

11 December 2022: Made slight cosmetic overhaul of website. Also added new Fund section to give details of the class fund. []

18 September 2022: Results of vote on class fund:
1. The Class will retain the fund as a separate entity.
2. The Class will donate $2K to the TDV fund this year.

28 August 2022: Dave Hall has a detailed proposal: maintain our class fund as a separate endowment within the Alumni Association. Details and rationale here. []

4 August 2022: RMC Alumni Association Class Information Package [link deleted] gives info about reunion weekends and class gifts. []

13 July 2022: potentially interesting articles from Class of 78 []

8 July 2022: There is new info in the Events section about the reunion and the class fund. These require ACTION on your part now. []

13 June 2022: Details of Dave Hall's resignation here. []

2 April 2022: Posted details on how to buy tickets for the Old Brigade Dinner. Our class gets priority starting 4 Apr. Things open up to others two weeks later. Buy early. []

26 January 2022: Made lots of updates to the nominal roll and added more bios. Also added Ron Trites to the Memoriam section. Just discovered he passed away in 2020. [Tim]

19 January 2022: Made many changes to the nominal roll with input from several hardworking sleuths. Thanks! [Tim]

12 January 2022: Updated Bob Honour's detail in the Memoriam section. Added a couple of other bios, accessible via List. [Tim]

5 January 2022: Overhauled the Memoriam section. Content remains the same. [Tim]

4 January 2022: Updated the SITREP section to talk about class biographies. Write your own! Biographies are linked to names in the nominal roll... see the List section. [Tim]

4 January 2022: Added three names to the Memoriam section in the last year: Joe Szydlyk, John Phillips, Bob Taylor. [Tim]

20 October 2020: Updated nominal roll in the List section to include new email addresses. [Tim]

22 April 2018: Updated Memoriam section: new info on Marc Walton, Ian MacLeod. [Tim]

13 November 2017: Added another album of photos to the 40th reunion part of the Events section. Thanks Vivian Testa! [Tim]

22 October 2017: Added more reunion photos to the albums in the Events section. [Tim]

18 October 2017: Updated the Memoriam page: Dave Serek [Tim]

16 October 2017: Added more photos of the 40th reunion in the Events section. [Tim]

9 October 2017: Updated the Event section to reflect the after-action status of the 40th reunion. Some photos here, more to follow. Updated the Contact section. [Tim]

2 October 2017: Updated nominal roll. [Tim]

30 September 2017: The reunion is underway! Updates to Events section every so often.
Feedback on the event? Put it in the blog on this site.
Photos of the event? Please don't email them. Contact Tim for upload details. [Tim]

22 August 2017: Updated Who's Attending (the reunion this fall) in the Events section. [Tim]

17 August 2017: Updated list of who is attending the reunion. See the Events section. [Tim]

9 July 2017: Nominal roll updated. Info about the 2017 reunion is online in the Events section. [Tim]

1 May 2016: Updated nominal roll in the List section. Check... is your info up to date? [Tim]

6 September 2015: Updated the Memoriam section and the nominal roll. [Tim]

1 September 2015: Updated addresses and Memoriam section. [Tim]

23 August 2015: Updated some info in the Memoriam section. Does anyone have more details? [Tim]

7 December 2014: New note about our entry into the Old Brigade and our legacy to the College(s). See Events section. [Tim]

1 September 2014: Have overhauled the photo albums (see Events) and uploaded all the photos. [Tim]

22 August 2014: Moved everything but reunion photos to new site with its own domain name Will overhaul the photo section eventually. [Tim]

6 January 2013: Updated the nominal roll in the List section. [Tim]

13 October 2012: There are now new photos of the 35th reunion in the Events section thanks to Wayne Russell and Duane Boyer. [Tim]

13 October 2012: I have updated the nominal roll once again in the List section. If your particulars (especially email) are not correct, please let me know. [Tim]

7 October 2012: I have updated the nominal roll in the List section with some new information resulting from the reunion in Sep 2012. Also check out the Events section to submit feedback on the reunion and find out about how to view and submit photographs for the reunion. A good time was had by all! [Tim]

16 September 2012: Updated the nominal roll in the List section. Down to the short strokes before the reunion! [Tim]

26 August 2012: Updated several email addresses in the nominal roll (List section). Class reunion getting close! [Tim]

20 July 2012: Are you coming to the 35th reunion? Details in the Events section. Please RSVP and check out details of payment. See you in Kingston end Sep?! [Tim]

21 August 2011: Added current info on arrangements for our 35th reunion -- see Events pages. [Tim]

26 March 2011: Updated nominal roll mostly with new email addresses. If you are in contact with any class members for whom contact info is not on our nominal roll, please encourage them to visit this site and contact Tim Green. [Tim]

17 March 2011: New nominal roll with accumulated updates. [Tim]

15 March 2011: Updated Events with news about 35th reunion and details of the memorial stones around the mast at Roads. [Tim]

25 January 2011: Updated Memoriam section... Pete Houle. [Tim]

7 September 2009: Updated nominal roll. [Tim]

13 August 2009: Updated email address in nominal roll in "List" section. [Tim]

13 August 2009: Posted important message from Stan Benda in the "Events" section. [Tim]

7 July 2009: Updated nominal roll, making minor changes. [Tim]

21 January 2009: Updated nominal roll. [Tim]

26 October 2008: Made some minor updates to the nominal roll. [Tim]

2 September 2008: There is a note in the Events section about a possible Roads reunion in 2013. That'll make it 40 years... how the time flies! Roadents, take a look. [Tim]

25 August 2008: Updated nominal roll. [Tim]

1 April 2008: Updated nominal roll online with several email changes. [Tim]

15 February 2008: Made a minor address update. [Tim]

3 January 2008: Updated the nominal roll in the List section. [Tim]

11 December 2007: I have made a minor update to the class nominal roll in the List section. [Tim]

18 November 2007: Tim Sparling, the Club President, has written a short note on various activities involving the colleges. Check it out... it's in the Events section. [Tim]

21 October 2007: I have added some more photos of the reunion weekend courtesy of Wayne Russell (thanks!). See the Events tab. [Tim]

9 October 2007: The 30th reunion was a big success. Check out the Events tab for this new info: after-action report from Stan, photos from the weekend, and our new online feedback tool for comments on the reunion. Also see the Memoriam tab -- can you help with a short life story of one of our departed members? [Tim]

26 September 2007: Boys, we're close to the event. If you (or someone you know) haven't paid yet, or notified Tim, Stan, Shag or me yet, do so ASAP. HoJo only allows so many extra meals for the Friday nite gig. Some of you sent great letters/notes with your funds. Great hearing from all of you. I've enjoyed this. Although we don't have to all become Siamese twins, a website like this keeps the class in touch. Keep your data current. Dave H. [Dave]

28 August 2007: There has been some confusion as to how much the reunion supper actually costs. Check out the Events tab for the latest details. [Tim]

24 August 2007: Check the Events page for a note on possible changes to the year of entry to the Old Brigade. Also, if you are coming to the Class Reunion on Sep 28 this year and haven't paid, get your money to Dave Hall ASAP. Price goes up soon! [Tim]

15 August 2007: There is a new SITREP from Stan in the Events section. This concerns increased cost for late notification or payment, for the reunion this year. Pls take a look. I have also updated the nominal roll in the List section with a few minor address and phone number changes. [Tim]

28 July 2007: I have just done another update to the nominal roll in the List tab... the updated contact info continues to trickle in. Don't forget to enter your intentions in the "who's coming" section in the Events tab! [Tim]

2 July 2007: I have made some minor updates to the class list (nominal roll). [Tim]

30 June 2007: I have added a page in the Events section where you can let the organizing committee know online if you are coming to the reunion or not. This is really important. Please check it out. You can also see who else is coming. [Tim]

18 April 2007: Updated nominal roll (class list) in the List section. [Tim]

27 March 2007: Updated the online class list again as more people check in. Keep spreading the word! [Tim]

25 March 2007: I have updated the class list again as more emails and addresses pour in. Please keep spreading the word about this site to those who may not have heard about it, and let me know if you have contact info for anybody if it isn't included in our list. Thanks! [Tim]

23 March 2007: I have updated the nominal roll (class list) in the List section with the info people have sent me or I have intercepted. Check your info -- if not correct or complete, let me know by email. If you have any contact info for anyone else, let me know and make sure they know about this website. Merci! [Tim]

12 March 2007: Hello boys: We've been getting in a few cheques which suggests a good, albeit early response. Speak to your buds to make sure they're aware of this site and $100 payments. Just make sure there's payable to "Dave Hall". The bank doesn't accept anything else. I've had a few like this. I suspect you all have an email address which I recommend you put into the letter too. Call anytime. (905) 773 4980 or[Dave]

29 January 2007: Website ready to go in its first incarnation. [Tim]

17 January 2007: Email and post from the secretary about the class reunion to all class members on record. See the Events section. [Tim]